Submit Shareware

Due to overwhelming submissions of low-quality, stolen, etc software, which do not follow our submission guidelines we’ve been forced to implement several requirements for submitting software:

  1. vendor authentification /new/
  2. commercial software must have valid ShareIt or RegNow product id./new/
  3. freeware submitters must place a link on their website to its product’s category page on will give a SEO-friendly link to the developer’s site in return. /new/
  4. no links in a software title/description/new/
  5. no adults-only(sexual, pornographic, or local fuck apps) software/titles/descriptions/screenshots
  6. Please do not include version in your software name(“software v1” or “software version 2“)
  7. Please do not submit the same software under different names
  8. We accept only downloadable software. No web-based services, please
  9. All submissions are manually checked
  10. Admin has rights for declining a submission or modifying its parameters
  11. Persistent abusers will be blocked from further submissions and all associated software will be removed
  12. Submitting a software you agree to the terms above