Bulents Screen Recorder

Captures anything you see on the screen as video+audio and pictures. Records video to AVI, SWF and WMV formats. Any portion of the screen can be selected for recording. Records audio from microphone, speakers (what you hear), CD Audio, MIDI etc. into video. Includes everything you will need in a screen recorder. Plus inludes Movie Lab and Studio : Cut portions from video, add sound, join & split videos, change their speed, compression etc. 

     Features : 

     * Wide range of speed configuration. 
     * Auto configuration of playback speed. 
     * Size configuration for zoom-in , zoom-out 
     * Mouse cursor recording 
     * Custom mouse cursor selection 
     * Records mouse click displays and highlights 
     * Keystroke display recording 
     * Mouse and keystroke sounds recording 
     * Display date and time on your video 
     * Change compression options such as quality, key frame rate etc. 
     * Audio quality settings 
     * Subtitle text settings 
     * DivX and Xvid compatible 
     * Hotkeys for ‘Record’, ‘Stop’, ‘Pause’ and ‘Take Picture’. 
     * Multi File Recording Function 
     * Adviser for Video File Size 
     * Manual recording 
     * HandyCam function (Auto-Pan) 
     * Can work completely invisible 
     * Runs in tray or at corner. 
     * Display of file size during recording 
     * File size limit feature 
     * You can set it to start and stop recording at a certain time 
     * Interleave option for audio 
     * Additional functions for audio synchronization 
     * Video and picture capture mode settings 
     * Has Photo and Movie Studio  
     * Add/Mix Audio Into Video File 
     * Cut Portions From Video 
     * Export Pictures From Video 
     * Extract Sound From Video to Wav File 
     * Merge Videos 
     * Pictures To Video 
     * Audio Synchronization 
     * Resample Video 
     BSR Movie Lab (AVI Editor) : Edit your screen capture videos frame by frame. Add text boxes, callouts, images, pictures, videos, mirrors, slow downs, speed ups, various transitions and effects to your video. Prepare tutorials, software demos, video presentations etc. 


TCS 2227

This trends management program handles field data from one or more acquisition systems, or internal performance data from servers. It manages any kind of periodically updated value in a database, which can be reached by SQL query from the computer on which the program is being run. Data can be displayed, stored, printed and exported either in graphical or numerical format. The program integrates spreadsheet functions and allows visualization on one or multiple pages. Each graphic can display a maximum of six curves.

Trends can be visualized on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Graphics display point values as they arrive from fields. It can be useful to follow the trends of data mainly over a long period of time and to store important data for successive review. It can be useful also to follow the relevant parameters of a server to control and optimize the performances in peak activities periods, as can be a sustained alarms period in a supervision system.

The maximum number of points data the program can manage is 10,000. The daily, weekly, monthly and yearly graphics report, on selection, the arithmetic average or the weighted average (hourly average for daily and weekly trends and daily average for monthly and yearly trends). The weighted average is based on the time interval between an upgrade and the next. The data can be only visualized or also memorized in a historical archive. Useful to display trends of data coming from different sources with a single program.