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R-Firewall 1.0
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R-Firewall is an effective and easy-to-use solution to secure your on-line activity. It protects a computer connected to a local network and/or to the Internet against any intrusions, attacks, trojans, spyware, and other external and internal threats. R-Firewall also filters out inappropriate Internet pages content and blocks dangerous active components you may get while browsing over the Internet or receiving e-mail massages.
Size: 3399K   Price: $0.00   By: R-tools technology Inc.
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Integrated multi-layer intrusion prevention software delivers signature-less, zero-hour protection from known or new spyware, viruses, keyloggers, hacking techniques and other intrusions on Windows desktops and servers. Privatefirewall features port tracking, URL and packet filtering, process monitor, anti-logger and application/system behavior modeling and anomaly detection components to deliver proactive, comprehensive protection.
Size: 3663K   Price: $0.00   By:
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Comodo Firewall 6.1
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Comodo's free Firewall keeps viruses, malware, worms, Trojans, hackers and other Internet threats from accessing and harming your PC. Using an exclusive white-list of over 15 million known PC-safe files, Comodo Firewall blocks unknown viruses before they can even install. The software also features real time traffic monitoring, informative alerts and is simplicity itself to install and use. Comodo Firewall is completely free for life.
Size: 65535K   Price: $0.00   By: Comodo Security Solutions, Inc.
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Active Wall Professional 5.0
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Professional network filtering software, provides Internet surf control for LAN.The main features include: web filter,port filter,smtp filter,pop3 filter,p2p filter,im filter,ftp filter,dns filter,https filter,ip filter,mac filter,msn filter,time filter,traffic monitor,bandwidth control,protocol statistics,connection track,authorization etc. It provides continuous enterprise-wide protection, enabling businesses to protect their corporate assets.
Size: 2934K   Price: $25.00   By: Active Network CO., LTD
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