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Rainbow Web 1.6
Rainbow Web
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Rainbow Web is a brand-new concept of eye candy puzzles. The game-play, visuals and animation effects will give you a new, eyebrow rising experience. Simply use the mouse and choose two neighboring beads on the web you want to swap and get a line of three or more beads. The glittering beads disappear and you score. The game is made up of many mini puzzles with increasing levels of difficulty, a deal of pleasure each!
Size: 9689K   Price: $19.95   By: Sugar Games
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Pocket Aargon Palm 1.02
Pocket Aargon Palm
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Pocket Aargon is a handheld adaptation of the PC Laser puzzle game Aargon Deluxe. In this game the player must bend, turn, or modify colored lasers to complete a series of goals and solve the puzzle. The player may use mirrors, refractors prisms and other glass light modifiers to manipulate the beams.The premium edition includes a full level editor. Pocket Aargon was developed by Doublebit Software for Twilight Games.
Size: 132K   Price: $14.95   By: Twilight Games
Download Pocket Aargon Palm
Dream Girls Tetris 6.2.6
Dream Girls Tetris
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Dream Girls Tetris is a free version of the popular Tetris game. Dream Girls Tetris objective is to complete the game by achieving a total of 10 levels. Every time you beat your current level or obtain a certain number of points a new dream girl will appear on the game right panel screen. The levels get harder as the game proceeds so play the smart way to display all top models! Have fun!
Size: 35718K   Price: $0.00   By: Burritas Entertainment
Download Dream Girls Tetris
Overload 1.34
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Overload is a turn-based logic game about setting off chains of explosions to capture all the opponents pieces. It can be played single-player against an excellent computer AI, or between two human players using either the hotseat method or network play. Difficulty goes up during each game of a series, and is implemented by varying the rules on each level.
Size: 646K   Price: $12.95   By: Astatix Software
Download Overload          
WordZap Deluxe 7.14
WordZap Deluxe
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WordZap is a fast-paced word game where you race the computer or a human opponent to create the most words from a grid of letters. There are four game options available. Chose from Wordzap, EasyZap, LongZap and MatchZap. WordZap is fully customizable. The difficulty can be from beginner to expert. You can choose dictionaries in ten languages. One of the most addictive games on the net.
Size: 46594K   Price: $20.00   By: MICA
Download WordZap Deluxe

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