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ABF Splash Screen 1.1
ABF Splash Screen
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ABF Splash Screen is a tool for showing any splash screens. Everything you need is to find or create a splash picture. Splash screen can have a non-rectangular shape.
Size: 255K   Price: $19.95   By: ABF software, Inc. (ABF-DEV.COM)
Download ABF Splash Screen          Discount 10%
MicroOLAP Database Designer for MySQL 2.1.3
MicroOLAP Database Designer for MySQL
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MicroOLAP Database Designer for MySQL is a visual development system intended for database design, modeling, creation, modification and reverse engineering in an easy and powerful way. It not only accelerates and makes the process of database creation clear but also simplifies database maintenance. MicroOLAP Database Designer for MySQL is specially developed for popular MySQL database and takes into account its features.
Size: 23899K   Price: $124.95   By: MicroOLAP Technologies LTD
Download MicroOLAP Database Designer for MySQL
EXECryptor 2.3.7
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Powerfull software tool used for an application code protection from reverse engineering, analysis and modifications, based on a brand new metamorphing code transformation technology, that provides with strong software security. It has the innovative very powerfull antidebug, antitrace and import protection features. EXECryptor allows to work with the short keys of 12/16 characters long and to compress code and ressources of your application.
Size: 2865K   Price: $125.00   By: SoftComplete Development
Download EXECryptor
Code Warehouse 2.99
Code Warehouse
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Whenever you read a books, browse the internet you found a lot of useful pieces of code snippets which can be reused in your applications. You are trying to save this information in documents, saved web pages, remarks and so on. But when you need it is difficult to find it because you use different types of formats, store in different places and there are no any structure. Here comes the Code Warehouse.
Size: 2444K   Price: $79.95   By: Xcca Inc.
Download Code Warehouse
DTM Data Generator 1.55.01
DTM Data Generator
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DTM Data Generator is a fully customizable utility that generates data for database testing. Currently, database developers and DBA often have to spend hours of work to create test data before examining database performance. This tool makes all this unnecessary by automatically creating test data rows, database tables and schema objects by template. The tool resolves foreign keys and order of tables automatically. Also: SQL, text and XML output.
Size: 2231K   Price: $149.00   By: DTM soft
Download DTM Data Generator

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